31 Mar 2012

Critter Done Game Calls

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Whitetail Junkies would like to welcome Critter Done Game Calls to our sponsorship ranks. Thank you to Scott Scherer , we look forward to using your waterfowl, turkey, deer, and predator calls. They are known as the guys that have the same or better quality in the market place but just don’t have the fancy package. They put their products in the hands Pro-Staff before they hit the market to make sure the call is right before it gets in your hands. They are great custom calls, so check them out!!!

6 Mar 2012

The Junkies Welcome 2 new sponsors!

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After a season of successful use in the field, Whitetail Junkies would like to welcome a new sponsor, Final Step Cover Scents. This is one of the best cover scent we have used. Simply spray it on and it works as both a cover and attractant that still retains its smell hours after you apply it. The pure cedar aroma can literally make bucks trail you to your tree looking for that tree to rub. In my opinion, Final Step used in conjunction with Conquest Scents new EverCalm was a perfect one-two punch to having more whitetails remain under the stand longer, due to its ability to both attract and cover those alarming human odors.

Don’t have a tree for that nice trail camera you own? Whitetail Junkies would like to welcome our new sponsor Stic-n-Pic trail camera stands. With many models and colors to choose from, including both free-standing and strap-on versions, your trail camera just gained a whole new functionality. This system allows you to put your camera anywhere you want it. The durable and rugged tripod base easily goes into the hardest ground, remains upright, yet can also be easily removed. The multi-position camera mounts allow you to place the camera lense wherever you want it to be. In my opinion, this is an incredible addition to our arsenal when it comes to figuring out and patterning those big bucks.

22 Oct 2011

The Junkies in the St Joe News Press!

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Interview with Toby in todays Saint Joseph News Press.

23 Sep 2011

Just around the corner.

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As the season quickly approaches, we are getting ready for a great season. We would like to welcome two more sponsors and add two more reasons for you to film your hunts and get involved with the Junkie Team! 2nd DVD talks already underway! Happy Friday!

12 Sep 2011

Movin’ on up! WTJ welcomes a few new friends.

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The Junkies want to welcome Muddy Outdoors as a sponsor. Muddy is a great company doing fabulous things and we are excited to be a part of it. Thanks guys for believing in us!!!!

WTJ wants to welcome Rage Broadheads as a sponsor. If you have seen Flatliners Vol. 1 then you know these things are WICKED!!! They are built tough and perform flawlessly every time. Thanks for your support in our endeavor to pursue our passion!!!

The Junkies also want to welcome Badlands packs as a sponsor. I have used these packs for years and they are unmatched in quality, durability, price, and warranty. You wont find any better!!! Thanks for taking us on and we look forward to a long and rewarding relationship…